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environment.The report, titled "Human Rights Record of▓ the United States in 2015," was published by the State Council Information Office.The percentage of women in poverty increased from 12.1 percent to 14.5 percent ove▓r the past decade, the report says, adding that the United States

was the only industrialized nation with no overall law for cash benefits p▓rovided to women during maternity leave.A total of 23 percent of undergraduate women said they wer▓e victims of non-consensual sexual contact, according to the rep

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ort.The document says there were at least two school ▓shootings a month in 2015 and almost two children were killed every week in uninten

tional shootings. About a quarter of the teenag▓ers above 15 years old who died of injuries in the U.S. were killed

in gun-related incidents.Also, about 17.4 million children under▓ the age of 18 were being raised without a father and 45 percent lived below the poverty line. Ab▓out one fifth of all U.S. children lived in food-insecure hous

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